Schemati – premium


Schemati (former Schema MarkApp)

*Fully Integrated System

The plugin has built-in tools that allow users to analyze how well the schemas are working and see how competitive their site is in the SERPs.

*A Proven Hierarchy

The plugin not only creates schemas with the right fields but also a top-level structure in order to build the correct hierarchy.

* User-friendly Layout

the plugin is accessible to users of all levels of technical knowledge.

* Linked Schemas

the plugin creates a network of “stacked” schemas (depending on the schema setup you choose) and connects between the schemas to better serve the page as a whole to Google.

*Builtin Woocommerce system

The plugin adds product fields to your Woocommerce product pages and applies them to the product schema. in total, the product schema offers 24 dynamic product fields, in addition, the plugin offers a bulk in the editing of products, so if you have multiple products of the same size/color/brand and other variables, you will be able to bulk edit the products and add the values to the schemas to all of the selected products from the Products>All Products admin tab.


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