Schema markup is a critical piece of the search engine optimization (SEO) puzzle that’s often left out because it sounds complicated.
But Schemati makes it easy for you. 
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Cut Through the SEO Noise With Schema Markup

Finding the most helpful advice for optimizing your website for search engines can be a hassle. But with all the noise and competition over keywords, there’s a valuable SEO tool frequently underutilized — schema markup.

Schema markup (also known as structured data) is data you can add to your HTML that provides search engines information about your content. 
With schema markup, you can give users rich results that lead to more conversions.
It guides crawlers by helping them locate helpful content on your page and why it would matter to the end-user.
Schema markup can identify among others:

While it may seem complex at first glance, schema plugins for WordPress like Schemati make schema markup more accessible for you and your website.

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How Schemati Can Enhance Your Website

Every website wants to grace the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Schemati helps you achieve that coveted position.

If your search result gives the user more information and context, they’ll be more inclined to click on your link. That drives traffic to your website and makes it more attractive to search engines that highlight the best websites.

Schemati makes schema markup simple for our plugin users to better connect with potential customers and readers.

Our schema tool provides better logical schema markup that achieves better results for you.

Downloading Schemati can be a game-changer for all websites trying to boost traffic, including retail stores, cooking blogs, event promoters, and much more.

Schemati is a one-stop-shop for structured data and offers various functions, so you don’t have to download multiple schema plugins for WordPress. Plus, it integrates and enhances other platforms like WooCommerce.

Schemati Plugin: The Best Schema Plugin for WordPress

With the Schemati plugin, you can easily take advantage of schema markup whether you’re a beginner or a professional web developer.

Instead of adding multiple features to your website like a photo gallery, video carousel, recipe preview, and other rich snippets WordPress plugins, Schemati lets you do it all in one place.

Schemati can also help if you need a WooCommerce product schema plugin, with features like bulk editing and 24 dynamic product fields.

Our fully integrated system lets you analyze how well the schemas are working and how competitive your website is on SERP.

The plugin also creates a top-level structure to build a hierarchy of information and a network that connects the schemas to serve the entire page better to search engines.

Schema Plugin Features

The Schemati plugin offers a plethora of features to meet all your needs, including:

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Schemati integrates seamlessly into your website. With ease, you can make your content simpler for search engines to understand and make your website more attractive and valuable in SERPs.

Schemati’s user-friendly design, wide scope of integrations, and SEO capacity make it the best schema plugin for WordPress. Try us out, and see the difference.

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